Major Re-haul

Dear my fellow readers. First of all, I want to express my greatest gratitude for all of you. Thanks for staying with me. I have been blogging since mid 2004 and never stop writing since that time. However, I think this is the perfect time to change about how I blog and write. And after countless hours contemplating my mind, I have decided to re-haul my blog completely.

Remove older posts. I will destroy everything and start over again from scratch. I understand that I will lose everything I’ve done so far, but my intention are to start out of thin air, probably with completely different approach, explore my passion and creativity, and enforce my capability to generate better writings. I also understand that most of my writings are probably no longer relevant and worthless to read at this moment.

Close commenting system. This is the major technical concern for me. I recently found out that most comments are not really in line with the post that I write. Most just say, “Dude, I agree with you,” or “Yo, this is lame,” and thinks like that. To make matter worse, in about 300 posts that I wrote, it generates more than 30,000 comments spam. So, closing comments is a no-brainer. If you want to communicate with me, simply follow my Twitter.

Focus on a small group of readers. Don’t get me wrong. I love you all, guys. I just want to dedicate my writings better by giving you as much value as I can, that is, writing on the subjects that I know best. I firmly believe that building solid relationship with a few readers is much better than aiming at thousands of un-targeted readers. Who are my target readers? Those who are about 20-30 years old, have a full time job, but want to earn more through side business or investment. Thus, the topic that I will cover will include: entrepreneurship, investment, and personal finance.

Write in Indonesian. From now on, I will only write in Indonesian language. Apologise for you English-speaking readers. Probably I will start another blog in English, but not really sure. Time will tell.

Stay tuned!